Specials and arrangements

19At Hotel Überwasserhof, we do not only offer a comfortable accommodation in our Hotel, but also various specials and arrangements with which you will have an eventful holiday in the Westphalian town of Münster. As our Hotel is situated in the heart of the old city of Münster, many sights can be conveniently reached by foot or by bike. Away from the Hotel, you can discover the cathedral and much more churches of the old part of the city, the well-known museums, the castle and its botanical garden, the town hall with the Westphalian Friedenssaal (Peace Hall), the Prinzipalmarkt and a number of further sights in Münster/Westphalia.

Our offer

We recommend our offer, so that you can get to know the culture of Münster and that you can discover it more easily. Our offer includes three days in our Hotel in Münster. It is bookable daily during the whole year. You can also use the various arrangements of our Hotel for individual guests, small groups and travel groups. Get the most out of your visit in the beautiful “Münsterland” with our specials and arrangements.

Inform yourself more detailed about the individual specials and arrangements of the Hotel in Münster, Westphalia and find exactly what fits you and your fellow travelers best. Please feel free to also contact us for a booking request or for further questions by phone on the following number: +49 (0)251-4177-0. Or send us an email with your question to info@ueberwasserhof.de. We are pleased to quickly help you with all questions!


Benefit from our specials and discover the culture of Münster on you own, in pairs or in a group.


Seasonal offers

You can find off-season tariffs and travel group tariffs to explore Münster close up.



Choose the best of our arrangement offers for you and your fellow travelers.